Thursday, March 11, 2010

spring plays

Well, I guess they are end of winter plays. Erin's was first, a play for her grade 2 and 3 village about how americans "come from everywhere". In the play a group of students from her elementary school are riding a train and decide to interview their fellow passengers about their origins.

Time travel wasn't expressly detailed, but implied. Erin, along with 4 others, played a chinese immigrant who came to California during the gold rush to work in gold mines and/or build railroads. Others were mexicans who are looking for work, Indians who came here for their college education and decided to stay to work in Silicon Valley's high tech industry, people fleeing the Irish potato famine, a group of English settlers from the 17th century who settled in Virginia in order to surf the warmer atlantic waves, and my personal favorite, a Russian mail-order bride.

It was a cute play featuring clever songs and obvious not really politically correct generalities, though I guess I really can't argue with the history of a lot of it.

How Erin allowed herself to be cast as Chinese instead of one of the Irish immigrants, I don't know. She is fascinated with Ireland, but I thought she looked good in the borrowed traditional Chinese outfit and she always seemed happy with the part she got.

A couple of weeks later was the more anticipated twins' play, since it was their first. Kate hasn't usually been a fan of being on stage and performing anything, as evidenced by her behavior in many of her little German school productions over the past many months. Oma and Opa even altered their driving schedule to be sure to arrive here in time to see the performance.

The play was called "The Weather Show", about a climatologist in NYC in search of a special antique barometer to purchase. As the scientist and the companions she met along the way travelled across NYC, they encountered and talked about all kinds of weather topics. It doesn't sound really exciting, but this show was so creative and, better than that, actually quite hilarious.

Allison played a water drop, and her song was about the cycle of water in the atmosphere. I think she played this part about as enthusiastically as anyone could have. She had a blast up there.

I know, this doesn't sound funny so far. The real humor came with the groundhog song, about the way we always blame the poor groundhogs for our bad winter weather every year. And then there was warm front versus cold front song, which went down like a street rumble from West Side Story. The two boys in the black vests and hats in the center of the battle were the announcers, speaking like a couple of sports commentators calling the plays and their dialogue was just hysterical. I hadn't laughed that hard in a long time. I know, you had to be there.

Kate played the violet spectrum in a rainbow. She was really nervous about the little twirling and dancing she had to do, but she did it, and it was cute.

A great first performance for the twins, and a great little play in general.

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