Saturday, October 25, 2008

the state of the house, part III

In case you didn't see it, overall floor plan here.
The work continues, relatively smoothly. The new roof (over the whole house) is ready for the new shingles and the various inspections continue to go well. The interior is as stripped as it's going to be and no surprises have turned up (i.e. termites, dry rot, mold, etc.) Now that the interior walls are largely framed and the old walls that were to be removed have been and the final floor plan is in place, I am finally starting to get a feel for what living in the new house might be like, and it's seeming pretty cool.

Here are couple of exterior photos in bad late afternoon lighting from today:

A close up looking into the house from the new front entrance, which hopefully will not continue to be blocked by a porta-potty when you come to visit us next time. There will be a window above and next to the front door.

A bit of the interior. To get some perspective, here is a "before" photo taken from the kitchen out into the dining area, and on the other side of the far wall in this room was the entry way, and beyond that was the west wall of Erin's room.

Here is a photo from today taken from the same perspective. The dining area is opened up to the new living room (where Erin's room used to be) and the entry way is moved off to the left because the front entrance moved out to the left (out towards the street)about 6 feet. Those pantry cabinets that are on the right of the "before" photo will be moved to the left (north) wall of the dining area:

Here I'm standing in the new living room, looking out to the new front door and the new garage entrance door (the old garage entrance was through the kitchen. The pantry cabinets are going where this entrance used to be). It's not a big entry way but it has a much higher ceiling now--the highest ceiling in the whole house actually--and that makes it feel bigger. Next to the garage entrance door in the entry way will be our relocated coat closet.

Another view from the new living room looking down the original hallway. The first door on the right is to the hall bathroom (no work will be done in there except retiling the floor and perhaps a new light fixture), followed by a couple of closets, and the last door down the hall (door open) is to the master bedroom. These interior doors will all be replaced.

The view up from the living room--good thing it's been warm and dry. We're having three skylights put in, but they won't always be quite this airy, I hope.

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