Wednesday, August 27, 2008

them's the breaks

Kate was playing on our new play structure in the backyard on monday night after dinner and she fell off the ladder that climbs up to the little fort. She screamed and was lying on the grass, holding her left arm, not attempting to get up. I picked her up and started dusting her off and noticed that her left arm looked kiiiiiiinda funny. Kinda not quite the correct contour, kinda not so symmetrical with the right one anymore. Yup, that's a broken arm for sure. So I took her to the ER where she received some xrays and a temporary cast for her "fractured and angulated" ulna in her left forearm:

Today was her consult with the orthopedist and a final cast, BRIGHT pink and glittery (seriously) which she'll enjoy for about 4 weeks.

John felt terrible about the fall from the playground he built earlier in the summer, but he shouldn't because the same thing could have happened at the park or even hopping down from my SUV. I reminded him that Erin fell and needed stitches in her lip a few months ago, and that fall was inside the house. "So Erin can't play inside, and Kate can't play outside," he concluded.

Kate hated having a cast on initially but she's gotten a lot more used to it. I can't stop myself from thinking of inappropriate things to write on it, like, "If you think I look bad you should see the other kid." Now if I can just manage to keep Allison and Erin from diving off things in an attempt to get a cool pink princess cast too...

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