Wednesday, August 27, 2008

circus circus

Grandma and Poppy thought it would be fun for their younger grandchildren and young grandnephews in the area to all go to the circus together. I think they got the tickets pretty much immediately after they became available given the great seats we had. This was the girls' first circus and my first also, well at least the first in my memory, except for Cirque Du Soleil.

John and I bought the gianto buckets of popcorn for the kids so they were thrilled right from the start. I'm not going to try to describe the whole show here.

Some highlights for the girls: plenty of horses

The highlight for Jake and Brayden, the caged motorcycle stunts. I don't blame them, this was pretty impressive. At one point there were 7 motorcycles in there, riding in various coordinated patterns.

The highlight for the entire arena: the elephants. Or more specifically, the elephant poop. Almost as soon as the elephants came out and took center stage they started pooping, and pooping, and pooping. And these poor professional jumbo pooper scooper dudes with snow shovels and huge brooms were running around gathering it all up and laying sawdust down and one of them even held his shovel up to the elephants' rear ends so he could catch as much as possible before it hit the ground, therefore minimizing the mess he'd have to deal with. It's moments like these when I'm really glad I went to college.

The audience was cracking up the whole time because the pooping just never stopped. Watching those guys run around was the funniest part of the entire production, by far. I wonder if it was planned that way. If not, it should have been. I wonder what the Miralax dosage for an elephant would be.

In between poops they elephants managed a few poses, like those above and:

And I thought I was finally done blogging about poop. Ah well.

General observation: I think there is to much spandex-wearing at the circus. Even the guys who aren't doing anything especially athletic wear it:

My one hope for the afternoon was that the girls wouldn't develop that unusual anxiety about clowns that some people have, and they seem to be alright on that score. In fact, as we left Erin proclaimed her aspiration to work in a circus when she grows up. "Great! Then you can be the elephant pooper scooper!" I offered.

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