Monday, August 18, 2008

the sleepover

More weekend excitement. The girls' cousins came over saturday afternoon and stayed with us for a sleepover. The girls had never been to or hosted a sleepover before so this was mighty exciting. Boys.....cousins......boy cousins STAYING with us, wow!

On saturday we took the kids to Kung Fu Panda (VERY funny, by the way). Erin was helped across the street and into the theater by Jake.

Afterwards we had some play time outside and play time inside and in the evening as bedtime approached Erin settled in with reading Brayden a bedtime story, and Jake started reading to Kate.

The kids were really tired by the time bedtime came around and despite the excitement, probably because of it actually, everyone fell asleep surprisingly quickly, with both Jake and Brayden in sleeping bags in Erin's room.

The next morning we were gloriously serenaded from Erin's room (I have no idea why this is squished, I tried to fix that but couldn't):

And after some breakfast we took all the kids to a park and brought the bikes for the girls. The boys' dad joined us about an hour later and brought the boys' bikes too.

The kids explored some exercise stations at the park. I'm not quite sure what exercise Allison was trying here, but it looks difficult.

I've heard people say the difference between having one child and two is huge, the difference between having two children and three is huge, but after that there isn't so much difference. Baloney.

After another hour or so we all went out to lunch and went our separate ways. I was reminded of and suddenly appreciated a line from an old Bill Cosby routine, "My wife and I have four children because we did not want five." My hat's off to anyone who does have five children. It was a fun weekend but it would be a much crazier life.

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