Tuesday, June 3, 2008

and even more softball

I thought I'd written my last entry about Erin's softball team but the kids didn't get their trophies at their last game--the entire league receives their trophies at a saturday, end of the season wrap-up ceremony. So that was last saturday and we decided to have a team picnic dinner and play date at the park afterwards.

I was tempted to skip the ceremony and just show up for the team event, knowing that there would likely be, well who knows how many, but certainly TOO many speeches to listen to, and a thousand teams to get through from ages 5 to 13, and they'd have the insight to have the young kids sit the longest and get their trophies last.

John's enthusiasm for the event wasn't much greater than mine but he still decided to take Erin to the closing ceremony and I planned to show up later with the twins. I'm sure glad he made that call. As it turns out, yes, they did have too many speeches and they did make the little kids wait the longest, but not only did Erin receive the expected trophy for participation, but her coach chose her as "Most Improved Player" and she received an additional trophy for that distinction. She was the only player to receive two trophies on her team and she was really, really thrilled.

I showed up later with our dinner, and Kate and Allison were glad to see Sammy and Libby, the 3 year-old younger twin sisters of Erin's teammate Abby, and their usual partners in crime.

And following the picnic and some play time the girls enjoyed some great chocolate cupcakes, with official Sharks purple icing, and some semi-indoor soccer in the nearby gazebo.

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