Sunday, June 29, 2008

the next venus and serena

Don't laugh, it could happen. And you know my maiden name, so there, they have a head start already.

The girls started tennis lessons on friday. All three are enrolled but Kate was in the midst of a potty training power struggle at lesson time, so I left her with John and just took E & A. The girls all have rackets courtesy of Aunt Terri and Uncle Randy and because Erin got an introductory lesson or two when we travelled to San Diego a couple of months ago, she announced to Allison that "she already knows how to play tennis, but in this class you'll learn to play too." This is a persistent theme with Erin. She also repeatedly claims to be able to speak Chinese because she knows about ten Mandarin words.

This local class is for kids ages 4-6 and appears to be taught by a few local high school players. Maybe they're in college. Adding to the evidence that I'm old is that I can't tell the difference anymore. They divided the kids into 4 per 1 instructor and started them out wearing these racket-mitt thingys to begin to learn some coordination in swinging for the ball.

Then they started learning proper body position and racket holding, and finally on to hitting. Erin was pretty good with the racket. I think softball helped her eye-hand coordination. She was among the best hitters on this first day of class.

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