Saturday, December 15, 2007


Public Service Announcement: It's fine to approach a stranger and ask if her kids are twins. On behalf of all parents of twins, I declare that to be okay. But in my experience, it's best to just end the questions there.

stranger person A: "Are they twins?"
me: "Yes."
stranger person A: "Are they paternal?"
me: "No, they're girls."

stranger person B; "Twins!"
me: "Yes."
stranger person B: "Wow! One brunette, and one is soooooo blonde. One is so much bigger than the other. That one looks much more like you than the other one does. So, they're identical?"
me: "Ah......sure."

stranger person C: "Oh, are they twins?"
me: "Yes."
stranger person C: "Yeah, my husband's brother's wife's cousin has twins, so they, like, totally run in our family. Do they run in yours?"
me: "Yes, they run everywhere."

stranger person D: "Oh, twins!"
me: "Yes."
stranger person D: "Who is the 'evil' one?"
me: "Nancy Pelosi."

stranger person E: "Oh my, you have triplets!"
me: "Ah......sure."
stranger person E: "But that one is so much taller and bigger and more mature-looking than the other two!"
me: "I'm doing an experiment. I feed that one more."

stranger person F: "Are they twins?
me: "Yes."
stranger person F: "Are they natural?"
me: "Apart from the hair dye, blue contacts, and teeth whitening, yes."


Queen Bee said...

That is just so funny. People are so stupid sometimes!

MommaWriter said...

On the other hand, on behalf of parents with siblings not particularly close together in age, but similar in size, I would like to strangle the next person who asks if they're twins.

Stranger G: Are they twins?
me: Yes, my son and daughter are identical twins, born two years apart.


space-monkey said...

You are too funny.