Tuesday, December 11, 2007

flour power

Last year Erin spent a very memorable morning at Grandma's house making christmas cookies with her and as soon as it became apparent to her that christmas season was upon us she starting asking us when Grandma's cookie factory was going to start up again. I mean, this stuff is critically important. We had dinner with John's folks last week and Erin made sure to remind Grandma that a cookie-making date had to be set sometime in the very near future. Last year the twins were really too young to participate but this year they took part too. John took the girls to Grandma's house while I did some errands so I don't have my usual play-by-play to relay. But I think the pictures say it all.

John says the decorating got pretty humorous. One reindeer looked like it was riddled with silver buckshot. That gingerbread man below, right, looks like he's being swarmed by bees. After the fact, Dora told me she spent quite a bit of time quartering raisins so they would be a more appropriate size for cookie eyes or buttons, but when she turned her back on Kate for a minute and the whole bowl of carefully diced raisins were all used on that one, poor, gingerbread man.

One little star had a giant pile of red sugar sprinkles on it, so much so that it was tough to find any cookie underneath. And who says Mickey Mouse or Santa or gingerbread men need two (and only two) eyes anyway.

So all in all they "aren't much for pretty" but regardless, the girls had a really wonderful time and were very proud of their creations. Many of these were brought home and my verdict is: delicious.

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