Tuesday, December 18, 2007

o tannenbaum

We were kept busy with all sorts of holiday-related things to do this past weekend. After baths one evening we decorated the tree. As with the cookies, this was the first year that Kate and Allison got to provide any real "help" with this endeavor and they were each somewhat stumped. It took Allison a while to avoid hanging ornaments on the very ends of the branches, only to have them bend over and the ornament fall down again.

Kate was mostly fascinated and frustrated with the hooks. I handed the kids ornaments with hooks already on so they could go straight to the fun part, but Miss Kate always had to remove the hook, then spend forever trying to get it back on. It took her so long to get them on in fact that she usually asked us to hang the ornament after she finally managed to get it together.

Erin was pretty much a pro at everything. Except she'd hang a whole cluster of ornaments in one small space and get annoyed when we spread them out.

Success at last. Now what?

Then, at long last with the tree finished and only a few dozen hooks lost in the carpet for our bare feet to discover over the course of the next few weeks, it was time for a nice group photo before bed. Doesn't that sound like a nice idea girls? Give me some good smiles!


Nevermind. Go to bed.

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