Saturday, September 1, 2007

strep and stealing and stircrazy

This hasn't been the best of weeks around here. Erin became quite sick (and still is). She's had a fever and a bad cough and respiratory congestion since wednesday and now the fever is gone and has been replaced with a disproportionately large amount of yellow-green mucous for a person of her small size. We got the culture results this morning--strep throat.

She missed three days of school. This made for an extra fun thursday, when the twins are home with me anyway, and since they're feeling fine they would have enjoyed going to parks! or water fountains! or the zoo! or anywhere except this non-air-conditioned house while it's 100F outside (and 85 F inside) listening to Erin hacking away. They were absolutely bored silly and were terrors all day. They wouldn't nap, but they would yell and scream. So after the failed nap attempt the one outing I thought Erin could handle was a brief trip to Target in the early afternoon to get a few things and bring about a much-needed change of scenery with AC as a bonus. But K&A were as unruly and loud there as they were at home, only now I was a bad, tired parent with bored and/or sick kids with tons of witnesses. So maybe that wasn't the best idea.

Back at home as I was preparing dinner K&A got into fight #52 for the day and as I ordered them to separate corners of the house I noticed that Kate got very quiet. I looked in her room, not there. Looked in my room:

Erin, meanwhile, though feeling pretty bad was usually very pleasant.

A calmer, post-bath moment later that night.

Then to top off the week my wallet was stolen from my office on friday. What fun. John, that lucky duck, is taking refuge in Oregon for the weekend.

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