Wednesday, September 12, 2007

birthday girls!

Wednesday isn't the easiest day of the week to have a birthday. We both work and I work late, but I sent the twins to daycare that morning with cookies for everyone and I made a cake for them night before so when I got home we had a mini-celebration.
They opened some little toys from Grandma Jan and the presents from us--a LeapPad game system for each (Kate got orange, Allison got yellow. Having the same, yet different, is fairly important). And they each received a sheet and blanket set for their beds (same, yet different, again).
We have a more elaborate party planned in a few days for them and Erin as well. We'll see how many years we can get away with this three-for-one party idea.
John's comment, as one of them was having a typical melt-down in another room, "I'm sure glad we're past those terrible two's."
Yes-sir-ee, it's all smooth sailing from here on out.

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