Thursday, September 20, 2007

hiking and heels

This morning the twins and I joined some friends for a fun hike through the hills of a large park nearby, which the girls always enjoy visiting because of the farm located there and pushing the girls in a double stroller is a good workout for me, made tougher all the time. I swear these girls weigh more than they did when we hiked just last week. It was a bright, clear, cool morning, but clouded up as it warmed up and we moved into the early afternoon, looking a bit like it could rain, but it didn't.

Once we reached the farm the most strenuous part of the hike was done and all of the kids got out of the strollers to check out the animals. K&A petted a friendly barn cat and greeted the goats and sheep and rabbits and chickens, but nice as that was Allison was annoyed that there weren't any cows and minimal attention span Kate kept suggesting we "go find something else".

Julian (orange vest, about 10 months older than the twins) was the leader of the day. He decided when to run or stop or sit, what tree stumps to climb on, what items on the ground needed investigation and the twins followed right along with everything. Julian's usually dominating older brother was at school and we could see he enjoyed being the big boy of the group for a change.

I formed a carpool with two other moms at Erin's school. They pick Erin up on my workdays and I pick up the girls on my days off. Here is Erin with her best friend at school and carpool pal, Maia, this afternoon. She's in kindergarten also but a different class, but no matter, they play together at recess and lunch every day. Maia is adorable, funny, and smart and Erin talks about her constantly.

Back at home Erin organized all of the new princess shoes. We were at costco last weekend and the twins saw this set of six shoes and were absolutely beside themselves. As John walked away from the shoes they (seated side by side in a huge shopping cart) both kept their arms outstretched toward them and shrieked over and over about their need for these shoes. I've literally never seen them act that way in a store before. I tell them, "no, we don't need that" and that's usually the end of it. Perhaps some things in life are worth completely falling apart about. I wouldn't have thought ugly plastic shoes with disney princesses on them would be one of those things, for anyone. At any age.

I wondered about rewarding behavior like that, but, well, Grandma Jan did send us money for a birthday gift for them, so we gave in and I hope I don't regret it. John's mom has two pairs of shoes just like these at her house and there is always a battle over them. Now there is plenty for everyone and as you can see, they are thrilled with them.

I've concluded that the point of wearing heels isn't the fashion statement as much as enjoying the sound they make on the tile or hardwood floor.

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Queen Bee said...

I love those princess shoes, and I may just get some for myself!