Wednesday, October 12, 2011

birthday bikes

The girls have been requesting new bikes for many months since the ones they have were outgrown a long while ago. Kate and Allison's bikes had 12-inch wheels and Erin's had 16-inch wheels, which were great sizes for them nearly four years ago. Part of our hesitation about getting new ones were that the twins were still using training wheels, but in the spring each of them left the trainers behind for good. By that time I thought we might as well wait until the fall. At first I thought we should pass Erin's bike down, but sometimes the twins rode it and even that one looked too small for them.
As their birthdays approached we surprised them one afternoon by taking them all bike shopping. We didn't have much luck at the first shop but at the second we hit the jackpot. The twins' new bikes have 20-inch wheels and Erin now has a 24, which should last them all several more years. By the time they outgrow these I have a feeling they'll start hinting to us about cars.

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