Saturday, July 9, 2011

summer so far

Summer has been busy. The question everyone asks is how our house is coming along and whether we'll be moved in by the time school starts. That was the original goal when we bought it, but here are a few photos from about two weeks ago. I think we're a teeeeeeny bit behind schedule.

Back of the house:

This will be the kitchen:

Taken towards the kitchen from the living room.

It's got a lot of that open, airy feeling. The new windows are in, but no need to open one in order to determine the weather outside.

The girls are in German summer camp, as they've done for the past couple of years. "What do they do in German camp?" various people have asked us over the past couple of weeks, "Prepare to invade the French camp," John answers.

"I know they're just a bunch of little kids and camp is only four weeks long, but, c'mon. It's the French. I hear the kids there make white flags at arts & crafts every day."

The girls are also back in swim lessons. The fabulous swim school I found for them last year closed so we enrolled in another recommended by a friend. They are in a class all by themselves, in more ways than one. Their teacher is a college student-aged young man who was very impressed with their swimming at the first lesson and is now teaching them news strokes. Currently they are working on the butterfly.

They've been enjoying swim days at Uncle Jeff's house also. They can jump in and swim anywhere now and they never seem to get bored or tired.

When Uncle Randy was in town for business recently he came over and helped Erin and Kate with diving. Kate caught on much faster (see video below), though Erin did get one good dive in, which I luckily got a picture of, at right.

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