Tuesday, July 26, 2011

last hurrah

Uncle Jeff sold his house so we had one last swim weekend there after he'd moved out nearly all of his belongings but before the new owners took possession (they're going to knock it down and build something else, by the way).

The girls are going to miss his pool, that's for sure. Cousins Brian and Jake and Brayden came to swim with us and so did some friends of ours with their son and daughter. Even Jeff's daughter Sydney was in town. Jeff hadn't moved his grill yet so John cooked some burgers and hot dogs and it became a nice, final swim party.

The crew of potential lifeguards:

It was fun to take the pool cleaner's hose and use it as a water gun.

We bought this boat last summer, or maybe the summer before that. The kids had fun floating in it, and then later, jumping into it from the side, which tore out the bottom. Then it was fun to jump in from the side through the open boat. By the end of the day the poor old cheap boat was definitely "done", but that was good timing. Sadly, we won't have a pool to use it in anymore.

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