Sunday, April 24, 2011

scavenger hunt

On friday the girls colored a ton of eggs and this morning a finding they baskets they headed out to the backyard to find all kinds of plastic eggs filled with different candies. I got started turning those colored eggs into deviled eggs while they were hunting,

Later, with two desserts and the eggs finished, we headed up to Grandma's where "EB" had a whole scavenger hunt set up. Each of the girls got a decoder chart:

And after a location was revealed by the code the girls raced off to that place and there each of them had another clue to solved.

Extra goodies were hidden away along with the new clues and some more colored eggs. I think they visited 5 locations at Grandma's house in all, and by the end they had a truly impressive haul.

Jeff's dog enjoyed the easter hunt also. He found a couple of eggs before the girls did he and decided they were delicious.

And we finally got to sit down and enjoy the true meaning of easter--ham.

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