Sunday, April 24, 2011

easter saturday

Easter itself seems to involve enough stuff to do but no weekend is uneventful around here and the day before Easter, Erin and Kate volunteered to be in a local Easter parade with some of the other Highland dancers.

They first posed for some pictures with a local pipe and drum band that they would be following in the parade, and then they were off.

It was a really short parade route of about a half mile and they stopped at about mid-way to perform a dance for the crowd.

Then they came around the block and back to the beginning and did the route a second time. John and Allison passed out candies on one side of the street to kids along the parade route, and I passed out candy on the other side. And Erin and Kate got to practice their "parade wave" while walking down the street in between dances.

Later than afternoon the twins had a softball game and they had a great time. Kate made another out while playing first base again. Allison had a couple of great hits and here are some of the better pictures I managed this time:

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