Tuesday, January 4, 2011

new old digs

I've been asked several times to post some photos of our new house but I didn't get around to taking any photos before the demo started. And those of us who have seen the place know that the rest of you really aren't missing much. But fortunately my brother took a bunch of pictures a while ago when he visited with John, so here are some of his photos. They're taken from the most artsy and flattering angles possible and they're not just fun to look at, they're educational. Think of them, every single one, as examples of what never to do in your own homes. And I've also learned that there are some things that even a pro can't make look pretty.

First a look at the front of the house. It's charming. John especially likes how none of the windows in the front are the same size or at the same height. The house had 3 previous additions. One was to take the breezeway in between the garage and the house and enclose it, making it into a dining room. Things will look very different when we're done.

The lot is 1/3 acre, here is the backyard. The other two additions can be seen here. One is the small second story (master bedroom and bath) and the room at the far left in the photos, built out into the backyard.

Several redwoods on the property and in the neighborhood.


At least our TV needs are taken care of.

Yes, we'll be replacing all the windows.

And the ex-window.

Inside that added room on the lower story. It was divided into two rooms: an office and a workshop. We'll be getting rid of that dividing wall and making it a big family room.

You enter that room from the backyard. We'll be changing that by pushing out the living room wall far enough to include entrance to the family room too.

You don't even need a roof inspection to know that this all has to go.

Inside the master bedroom:

View from there into the backyard.

John is really going to miss this wallpaper.

Lovely bathroom that we'll convert into a jack and jill style, or jill and jill style, between the girls' rooms.

There is an issue or two with the existing electrical.

Another bathroom which will be fully gutted.

It will be a shame to see this fine flooring go.

View from the dining area into the kitchen. We're moving the kitchen.

Laundry area in the garage. We'll be pushing the garage out further toward the street and making this area inside the house and adding on a half bathroom as well.

This fireplace is in a bad location, it's already gone.

Not even the autographed wallpaper will be saved.
Living room. That wall to the left is the one that will be pushed out further. The new kitchen will be where John is.

I know this place seems to have no redeeming value but we think the value is in the home's potential. We can see it pretty clearly and the place will be great, eventually. Brad didn't take photos of the neighborhood, but believe me it's on a great street. Really. We can fix up this house, we can't fix up our current neighborhood.


Zorana said...

Wow, that is one fixer-upper.
Reminds me of places we have seen while looking for a house.
I have all the faith in you and your architect, judging from previous experience.
Hope the weather cooperates with construction.

mommieN. said...

I snooped by there today -- indeed, a lovely quiet street. And the house itself is a testament to your vision! Can't wait to see the finished project.