Monday, January 24, 2011


I just love ski/hockey season. In the past few years our first ski trip has been to Oregon each February and we're going again this year but I really wanted to get in at least one day of skiing before going there. I thought of heading to mountain after we returned from Hawaii and the kids still had a few days of winter break left, but then Kate had an ear infection and that idea got scrapped. MLK weekend presented another opportunity.

It was a quick trip. We were gone a total of about 30 hours, but it was worth it. Having rented the kids' skis near home, we hit the slopes first thing in the morning and stayed until closing time. It didn't take long at all for everyone to shake the rust off and get their ski legs back.

We skied together all day and had a great time.

And there was a noticeable change in Kate from last year. Last year she skied very cautiously and speed made her nervous. This trip she went much faster and decided she liked terrain parks too.

She actually caught air on several jumps and landed a couple of them well, but of course I didn't have my camera at the ready. This time I managed to get the video going just in the nick of time, and managed to capture this fine landing:

We can't wait to hit Mr. Bachelor next month. Two thumbs up for ski season!

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