Saturday, August 28, 2010

caddyshack birthday

Erin started talking about plans her next birthday party quite a while ago. Her birthday is in october, so I guess her tendency to procrastinate really only applies to chores and homework. Early in the summer when I asked the twins what kind of birthday party they wanted they answered resoundingly and unanimously, "A swim party!!!"
There are a couple of problems with that idea. Their birthday is in september and september weather around here is notoriously iffy. It could in theory be 90F, but we've had several outdoor birthday parties where it rained hard the day before, or the morning of, or in the evening only hours afterwards. Lots of close calls. We haven't had a party rained out yet but betting on one which would be warm enough for swimming didn't sound so good to me.

Oh yeah, and we don't have a pool.

But I knew of several local private pools in the area and I called some of them to see if having a swimming party could be possible. The best venue for such a thing, I decided, was a pool located near their elementary school, but they closed for the season on September 1. We decided to have the party today, about 2 weeks ahead of their birthday which would give them what they wanted and also make it more likely to have a warm, sunny day.

And the weather today cooperated pretty nicely. Despite temps of 100F earlier in the week, today was very comfortable. We had two hours of time reserved at the pool, including lifeguards to watch the kids so the adults could relax a bit also. The pool is a U shape with one entire side only 3.5 feet deep. Perfect for lots of young swimmers of various ability levels, and those who wanted to could venture to the other side and the deeper water.

We threw in a few beach balls and dive toys and squirty fish and it everyone got busy having fun.

Besides having to tell some kids not to run around the pools, the lifeguards mostly sat quietly.

There were 20 or so kids and plenty of room for everyone to do what they wanted to.

Then after swimming for about an hour the kids dried off and we all had lunch in the picnic area, followed by singing happy birthday to Allison and then Kate. Each one had their own swimming pool cake made up of cupcakes and of course just as we got the cakes out some wind picked up and kept blowing the candles out. Keeping the sides of the cake boxes up and John's trying to shield the candles with his hands were only marginally successful, but in the end I don't think they cared that they had a little help with the candles.

After cake many of the kids got back into the pool. And a little while later, It Happened...

Only I don't think it was a Baby Ruth bar. So the swim party was over, at about the time it was supposed to be anyway, but this really wasn't the party conclusion I was hoping for. There weren't any babies in the pool so who knows who was responsible for the event, but it made for a memorable end to a memorable birthday party. Even Danielle (our ex-nanny) came to visit.

Back at home the girls had a bath and then read through their cards from their friends and opened a few presents.

And they talked about what they'd like to do next, on their real birthday in two weeks, which will be something small and with only family. Whatever we decide to do, I hope it's doodie-free.

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