Tuesday, July 6, 2010


Apart from swim and dance lessons, the main activity occupying the girls' time these first three weeks has been German summer camp. Erin attended this camp last year (it runs 5 days a week for 4 weeks) and she really had a great time. This year I enrolled everyone, but the twins weren't really interested in the idea at first. Sometimes Erin talked about camp last year and the fun things she did.
"I'm NOT going to German summer camp!" Kate announced repeatedly.
"I don't want to go if Kate isn't going," Allison chimed in.
"Well, actually, you are. You have to go somewhere this summer while I'm working, and this is the place. It'll be fun, you see," I answered numerous times. But I wondered about that. I was wrong about who would like dancing, maybe I would be wrong about this too.

John brought them on their first morning and all that day I checked my cell phone repeatedly and was relieved to see no messages. When I picked them up on their first day they were all smiles and didn't even want to leave. They didn't just like it, they loved it.

The camp is held in a section of a public elementary school, and the teachers placed signs all over the place to label various things to reinforce the language. The kids do cooking and singing and crafts and science projects and put on little shows for each other, and play games indoors and out, speaking German all the while.

Last week the camp took a field trip to a nearby park on the water to do some sailing in small groups and have a picnic. I dropped off the girls that morning and signed them in and helped them put on their camp yellow tshirts that they would be wearing that day.

When it was pick-up time I parked and immediately saw a gathering of folks in yellow tshirts, so I headed that way.

If you click on the picture you'll see it enlarged. Wrong group. I didn't really know where my group was so I just wandered along a main path and enjoyed the scenery along the way.

And the geese. Lots of geese, and lots of goose poop to dodge on the pathway.

Then I spotted another group in yellow tshirts.

They were just finishing lunch and packing up, then I walked with them as they all headed toward the parking area.

Sailing and picnicking in German was great fun, the girls reported. How could it be anything else?

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