Friday, June 18, 2010

open house

About the time most schools were ending for the summer, our school held its last open house. We came to school after dinner one evening and visited all three classes and the kids showed us their what projects they've been working on lately, and some they've been working on all year. We decided to visit each room as a group one at a time and I instructed everyone to be patient when we were in one of their sisters' rooms so that we could be sure to see everything in every class. These lectures beforehand do no good, I don't know why I bother.

Of course, I'm in class every week and I've helped the kids work on several of these projects and/or been the one to display them on the walls. John was really interested to see everything for the first time so I mostly stayed to the side and took pictures while John listened to the kids' explanations. I also tried to keep Erin from rushing Kate and Allison to get done "so we could go to her class now". When Erin wasn't pushing them to hurry up she simply served to ruin their enthusiasm by saying things like "oh, that's eeeeeeeeasy, I remember when I did that".

Since Kate and Allison's classes are open to each other, Allison could see her classmates and her teacher chatting together and she was jumping up and down, bursting at the seams waiting for our turn to go into her class.

And lastly was Erin, who first showed us the long creative story she'd recently completed about Steven the Hairy Spider. She was really proud of her final creative writing assignment (which I hadn't seen before, it was entirely planned and written in class).

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