Saturday, June 5, 2010

kite runners

The girls received kites as party favors at a birthday party a little while ago (well, a few weeks ago is a little while ago to me, it's eternity to them). They've been asking to fly these kites not quite every day, but almost. But we've had a rainy May combined with being buried in softball for the past couple of months and they always to bring up the subject at the wrong times either schedule- or weather-wise.

The last couple of times that John brought up the possibility of kite flying there wasn't any wind, but this afternoon the weather and our schedule were in sync, and we went to the park around the corner.

The wind was actually just perfect and all the kites were launched without trouble. John gave them pointers on when to run and when to stand still to keep the kites up. These were small kites and everyone seemed to manage them well. They flew them for about a half hour and then went to the playground to play before coming home on the scooters.

After taking some pictures I went off grocery shopping, and got the full report later, when I came home to find John and the girls mixing up some hard-earned lemonade. Perhaps now their kite-flying fascination will is satisfied, for a couple of days at least.

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Eagle said...

Oh we wish we never have kite flying in our country again! It's such a dangerous game! A lot of people get killed because of the string (fiber, whatever ties up the kite) cut their throats... Play whatever you like but ask your children to keep away from kite flying.