Sunday, January 31, 2010

the reading girls

It seems that the light bulb has come on for Kate and Allison and their reading has really been improving lately. Since I'm in their classes every week, I've noticed some short, 6-8 page books called Phonics Library that many of the kindergartners read. I thought it would be good to have some of them at home so I looked online and ordered a few, but I apparently misread the description on one of the books because what was sent to me wasn't what I expecting. It was intended for teachers, perhaps, since it was a large sort of workbook where the pages for individual stories needed to be torn out and assembled together and stapled. The pictures weren't in color either.

I considered returning this book but instead I put together several of the stories and brought them to the twins and I told them that when they finished reading one of the books they could then color the pictures. They started competing with each other, reading and coloring as quickly as they could but after a while they became bored with the coloring and just opted to skip it so they could move on to the next book more quickly.

Maybe I ordered the wrong thing, and my reading/coloring idea fizzled out, but they're reading now and enjoying it, and it's fun to see their progress.

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