Sunday, January 31, 2010

an afternoon with boys

I arranged a playdate for Allison and Kate with a friend from school. Jake is in the twin's village and also attends the afterschool program with them. The 3 had a great time playing all kinds of games together.

In order to keep Erin occupied and out of the 5 year-olds' hair, I asked another friend to drop off her second grade son as well. Gabriel and Erin are old friends but they don't spend a lot of time together anymore since they attend different schools. "Gabriel really likes snap circuits. I bet he can show you some new projects," I advised her before he arrived. Though that was a really huge understatement. Erin got these snap circuits for Christmas and has made a few projects with them, but Gabriel has had them for a couple of years and plays with them for hours at a time, his mom has reported.

Sometimes you see a kid throw a ball well or paint a nice picture and you might wonder if they are showing some early talent that will end up being a huge talent or even their future career. Maybe I only do this. I swear that Gabriel is a future electrical or mechanical engineer. I've known him virtually his whole life and as soon as he was old enough to show an interest in anything he's been absolutely fascinated with numbers, math, and electronics and he understands them much better than I do, though John will tell you that isn't saying much. Having him over was a great change of pace for Erin, and I think we should have him over again sometime soon. Maybe next time as a playmate for John.

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