Sunday, August 2, 2009

got flowers?

Danielle is our former nanny. We hired her towards the end of my twin pregnancy, anticipating that I could handle twin infants mostly okay, probably, maybe...but entertaining a toddler at the same time seemed really, really difficult to juggle. We found Danielle and she began working in our home 3 days per week for the 5 months I would be on maternity leave with the twins, though her duties were primarily looking after Erin.

Erin instantly loved Danielle (we all did actually) and after the 5 months we didn't want to let her go. I went back to work 3 days per week and Danielle continued coming to my home on the other 2 days, when I was home also. Her role as mainly looking after Erin changed once the twins were about a year old and no longer nursing. She became my all-around kid helper and extra set of eyes and hands which made going on all sorts of excursions with the 3 kids much easier. Three years later, when Erin started kindergarten, we finally let Danielle go, and she became a nanny for another family with twins.

She still babysits for us occasionally and comes to my girls' birthday parties. Early on, when she still worked for us, she introduced us to her new boyfriend, Jacob. Years later she came to our house to tell us she became engaged. We went to her housewarming party when they bought their first home, and she asked my girls to be flower girls in her wedding. Though they've never been to a wedding before, they were thrilled to be chosen for this assignment. They knew they'd have new fancy dresses and thay they would spread pedals around, and that's about it. They've been talking about this day for the entire past year.

The wedding and reception was in Jacob's parents' very nice backyard, with an adjacent vineyard.

Some pictures before the wedding:

I knew the kids were old enough to understand their directions, sprinkling the fower pedals only where and when they were supposed to, and I knew they would be cooperative. They wanted to do a good job for Danielle. I was most worried that one of them wouldn't be paying attention and would fall into the pool.

A picture with the bride and groom (the kids Danielle currently cares for were in the wedding also):

And after dinner the girls kicked off their shoes and enjoyed compliments on their performance from many other wedding guests, and they got busy with some dancing into the night. And though only one of the girls managed to make it to the end of the evening with their special fancy dress still fully intact, no one managed to fall into the pool.

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