Thursday, August 6, 2009

first day x 3

Today was the perhaps the most anticipated first day of school for us so far. Reviewing for a minute, we were slightly conflicted about sending the twins to school this year because their kindergarten assessment was, um, unfavorable. But through the spring we talked to several people who know something about whether a particular kid is ready for school and who know our girls, and everyone was in agreement that they are ready, except the school of course. But what do they know?

Yesterday afternoon we went to school when they posted the class lists and the K/1 students could go to their new classrooms and meet their teachers. The twins are in separate classes within the same village (as I requested). Their classes are next door to each other and they'll see each other at least occasionally on most days, but they'll get some very needed separation.

Following the meeting and greeting with the new teachers we joined the ice cream social outside and saw some old friends and made some new ones. Erin and all of her old buddies compared notes on who was in what new class in what new village, and she visited her K/1 teacher of the past two years.

This morning, each of the girls was bright-eyed and chipper and raring to go.

Erin was particularly enthused. "The summer break should be loooooonnnnnnnggggggggerrrrrrr," she whined, sounding quite teenager-ish. "I don't want to go back to school toooooddddddddddaaaaaaaay." By contrast, on most previous school days she has been my most cooperative morning person by far.

But I did manage to get everyone fed and into the car and here they are as we approached the school, showing off their new backpacks (Erin's isn't new, but it was washed. Aside: those Lands End backpacks sure hold up well. This is year 3 with hers--not a rip or tear anywhere so far.) And a shot near the front of the school.

Erin, now in second grade, lines up in the morning in a new area of the school, on a separate playground from the K/1 students. "Do you know where to go to find your lineup?" I asked her. "Um, yeah. Puh-lease," she answered. And she went off on her way without a look back, and on the way to the K/1 lineup area I reminded the twins of where the nearest girls' bathroom is to their classrooms (always an important bit of info). And then Kate and Allison lined up in their respective classroom lines.

Being in a new situation without her sister right next to her seemed to be getting to Kate a little.

She frequently gazed over to Allison, who usually wasn't paying attention. Kate gave me 4 or 5 goodbye hugs in the 3-4 minutes we stood there. Allison just waved and was more preoccupied with the goings on around her.

I got a shot of the kids settling into Allison's classroom, but didn't get a good pictures of Kate's and by the time I got over to Erin's class the door was already closed.

I ran a couple of errands today and sat at home for a little while and then at lunch time came back to the school to begin some volunteer work I arranged for yesterday, and that took the rest of the afternoon until dismissal.

Allison and Erin had a great first day. Allison was raving about everything and reported making two friends already. Erin likes her new teacher. Kate said she didn't make any friends and never will because she "will always only play by myself." I think Kate is used to dominating, Allison in particular. Now that she's "on her own" there is going to be some adjustment time needed, but it's clear that Allison is already digging the independence.

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