Monday, July 13, 2009

the fingernail

This story reveals just the latest reason why I know the girls will admit me to a nursing home just as soon as they can.

About 3 weeks ago Erin brilliantly, intentionally, stuck her index finger between the frame and a heavy, industrial door while we were out one day. When the door closed-BAM! Her finger was a mess and so was she, though it wasn't broken. A lot of blood pooled under the nail and though that mostly resolved in a couple of days, the nail slowly began working itself loose ever since. It finally came off last night as we drove in the car.

Erin: "Hey, I wonder how much money I'll get for this if I put it under my pillow tonight!"
John: "What makes you think you get money for a fingernail?"
Erin: "Well...if there is tooth fairy there must be a fingernail fairy. Is there one?"
me: "I don't know, I've never lost a fingernail so I never tried it."
Erin: "Maybe I'll get a dollar!"
me: "Maybe the fingernail fairy is kinda weird and gives kids a roll of toilet paper."
John: "Yeah, or a pair of dirty socks."
Erin: "WHAT?"

So later that night I looked around the house for the most mundane everyday household item I could find and then while she slept I put a travel pack of Kleenex I found in the bathroom under her pillow.

This morning she was not exactly excited but not disappointed with her find either. "Look, look, NOW we know what the fingernail fairy leaves! See! Tissues! (looking a little confused) Hmm...tissues."


Anonymous said...

Hmm, I'll have to test the finger nail fairy for Erin. Mine is about ready to come off. I'll let her know if I get tissues. I hope it's not dirty socks:)

Jodi said...

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