Friday, July 17, 2009

auf wiedersehen

Erin spent the first four weeks of summer break in German summer camp, located at the local German school where the girls and I attended saturday classes all last school year. This camp was perfectly timed, starting the monday after the school year let out and ending the day before we left for our vacation. Even though the camp was located in a familiar place, neither of us knew exactly what to expect because it was being staffed by teachers from a different German school in our area.

Erin was nervous the first day since she didn't know anyone but she made a good friend right away and she instantly liked her teacher. I met several of the teachers over the term and I was impressed with all of them and the many fluent German-speaking American college student camp assistants, who were all very nice and enthusiastic.

Though I don't have many pictures to share because I wasn't there for all the fun, Erin reported having a great time every day doing all sorts of summer-y things while immersed in another language. She made tons of art projects, went on bike rides and picnics, built and raced a model boat, went sailing, did some baking, grew some flowers, and visited an aviation museum. She had tons of fun, and she learned a heck of a lot of German in a relatively short time.

Each day as we dropped her off, the twins were disappointed that they weren't able to join Erin in this camp (not old enough), but next summer all three can go together. In the meantime, saturday classes will resume for all of us in September.

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