Monday, May 12, 2008

peacock letterboxing

On saturday Erin asked to go letterboxing. Good idea, I thought, it's been too long since our last outing. I printed out clues to a set of three boxes in the same location, and other clue for another box in the same vicinity at a different location, and we set off.

We got to the first location and came upon a couple of peacocks on the front lawn, squawking and displaying to each other. No peahen in sight, no wonder they were kinda ticked off.

Then we started after the first box which was an easy find and a fairly short walk from the peacock spectacle. That one done, we continued on after the second box, which required a longer walk than the directions described, and it was pretty hot out, and I didn't bring water, and the twins always seemed to confuse "walking" with "running as fast as you can", so by the time we got to the second box and completed the stamp exchange there was already chatter about going home and "what's for dinner?" So we bailed on walking, er, running to the location of the third box in favor of the water I had back at the car.

We saw some pretty nice views from up there. I love being in the west hills.

On the way back home I stopped at the location of the last letterbox, which had only a brief clue and lead me to believe it would be a quick easy find. As it turned out, once we were there and I tried to make sense of the clue, I couldn't figure out exactly where the starting point was and so we walked and walked around, as I tried to find the landmark I needed, and I didn't find it. "Do you even understand what you're reading?" Erin helpfully asked. So after 20 or so minutes of aimless wandering, we bailed on letterbox #4 and I took our 50% success rate for the day, and my tired and hungry and thirsty girls back home.

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MommaWriter said...

Oooh. Now I have to know which one #4 was! I'm familiar with the first three, but yeah, not a super short walk...although the third one is cool and shady, at least. I imagine we've tried #4 before too, but there are one or two out that direction that we've never made it to... Hey, at least the peacocks are fun, huh?