Sunday, February 10, 2008

warm winter days

Nice weather this weekend--not simply dry for a change but actually clear sunny skies as well. Saturday I took the kids to the park because it's been ages since we had such nice weather.

Kate spent quite a lot of time picking and gathering little flowers. In a park full of kids Erin, strangley, used her play time to make friends with a 3 year-old little boy and lead him around, showing him infinitely more patience than she does the 3 year-olds she normally spends time with.

Allison climbed UP the slides over and over again, forcing me to rescue smaller children who foolishly thought that slides are meant to be used WITH gravity and found themselves underfoot.

Saturday evening was a surprise family dinner gathering for John's mom at a large chinese resturant. John's older sister Terri flew here for the occasion and his younger sister was supposed to be here too, but both she and her 2 year-old are sick and they decided not to fly. Dora was quite surprised to see everyone, especially Terri.

Dinner was delicious, but an adventure, with Erin providing a lot of the humor and the twins providing a lot of the volume. And all three of them confused the floor around the giant, round, single table which seated all of us for an indoor running track.

We had a room in the resturant reserved which meant our kids were contained and separated from the other diners, and that was certainly a good thing, for them. This was the first time our girls had chinese food. I love chinese food but I never thought Erin especially would be adventurous enough to eat much of it. Well, as luck would have it this past week was Chinese New Year and given that her teacher and about 70% of her classmates (and her school) are chinese they had a school celebration just recently. That afternoon when I picked her up and she proudly showed me the "Gung Hay Fat Choy" dragon she'd made, she announced, "We should have Chinese food tonight for dinner!"

"Well, not tonight, but this saturday we will go to a chinese restaurant for Grandma's birthday AND chinese new year's. How about that?"
And as excited as she was to know that her suggestion was being fulfilled, when dinner was served she was very suspicious about everything.
"What's that? I don't think I'll like that."
"Sure you will, that's chinese pork."
"And that's chinese chicken."
"And that's a chinese dumpling."

"This rice has peas in it, and....eggs?"
"That's chinese rice, it's really good."

"And is this chinese water?" she asked.

In the next, much larger, reserved room a family was hosting a very grand birthday party, complete with DJ and dance floor. We could hear the music very well at our table at after dessert Erin edged herself to the doorway of our room and, as she looked into the party next door, started dancing. Several teenagers from that party apparently encouraged Sydney and Max to join them and so they took Erin in with them for a look around. Erin headed right to the dance floor and had a great time out there for a little while, until we needed to leave.

Today we stopped by Grandma and Poppy's house to visit with them and Terri.

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Queen Bee said...

I often make fried rice with leftover chicken and rice. My boys call it "Fireman's Rice" - something my Mom made up to increase the "cool factor" and get them to eat it!