Tuesday, February 5, 2008

don't mess with pirate allison

This past weekend Erin attended a small (6th!) birthday party for her friend Gabriel, held at the local gymnastics facility where she and the twins used to take classes. What a great party idea--Gabriel and his younger brother and about 8 friends got to do a class by themselves, then have cake and play other party games.

Erin had been looking forward to this party for a couple of weeks but when we arrived she suddenly decided that she didn't want to do gymnastics after all. So she sat and watched from the sidelines for about 15 minutes as all of the other kids dove right in and were having a great time. But, eventually, she wandered over and joined the class and she ended up having such fun. I don't know what that hesitation was about.

Here she is sitting between the birthday boy (striped shirt) and her other friend, Rylan.

After some snacks and cake the kids played musical chairs. Erin got knocked out about mid-way through the first round but later made it to the final three.

Today I took the twins with me to do some errands, including voting, and the girls were doing their usual cute, smiling, sweet, charming act which they always do for the first 3 or 4 minutes around strangers, then they revert back to their usual loud, chaotic, unruly selves. The place was empty though so I was done with the whole thing in about 3 minutes and thus "cute and sweet" was all the poll workers got to see.

After giving me one of those typical "I Voted" flag stickers they gave one to each of the girls too. "That's.....AMERICA!" Allison shouted as she studied the flag on the sticker and we walked back to the car.

Then we went to the allergist's office for my shot. Kate and Allison like to sit and play at a wall-mounted kiddie game they have there which has a steering wheel, among other things.
"Let's be pirates!" Allison decided as she grabbed the wheel, "I'm Pirate Allison!"
"I'm Captain Kate!"
"I'm Pirate Allison!" she repeated, just to make sure it was well understood, I guess.
"I'm the Captain, now you listen to me!" warned Kate as she tried taking the wheel.
"I'm Pirate Allison, I don't listen to ANYBODY!"

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