Monday, October 1, 2007

it's all about the cake

We've been eating cake for the better part of three weeks. We had a cake for the twins on their actual birthday, then we had cake leftovers from our celebration last week that was far too yummy to throw out, then last night we attended another birthday party, and tonight the latest chocolate incarnation--for Miss Erin's big 5.

Yesterday I told Erin I'd make her a birthday cake and let her choose the flavors but she asked to help with it and in the afternoon we made her cake together--a chocolate layer cake with vanilla frosting, and flower sprinkles on top, as per her specifications and under Kate's constant supervision. She said she wanted it to have her name and "a big number five" written on it, so here it is.

Last night we had a late afternoon birthday celebration for Brad's fiance's sister's son's second birthday. All together now. It was a big crazy crowd and the girls had a great time exploring a kids' gymnasium, otherwise known as a place where acting like a wild monkey is actually encouraged.

They served persian food which was really, really delicious, and I'd be glad to specify which dishes we had except that I'm way too uncultured to remember the names. But my favorite was the lamb&beef/fresh cilantro, basil, onion/tomato assemble yourself thingy you wrap up in not-exactly-pita bread. Y'all know which one I mean.

This family was at our girls' party last weekend and was so impressed with our cake that they hired the same woman to bake the cake for their party. Another really incredible and delicious creation, each of the balls on the top were made of different cakes:

Erin spent her birthday at school, sorta. Her class had a field trip to a state beach which is known for its monarch butterfly preserve, since they've been studying the butterfly life cycle in science recently. Bringing cupcakes or cookies for the class to share on your child's birthday is apparently soooooooo 1970's. These days such things will not be welcomed, what with the children and their food allergies paranoia that permeates all the schools. But Erin did get to wear a special birthday hat all day which was provided by her teacher. I say a damn hat is no substitute for a cupcake.

Tonight we enjoyed Erin's cake and then we gave the birthday girl her last present, the horsie quilt to go along with the horsie sheets she received a couple of weeks ago when we set up a real big girl bed for her. She already opened a whole bunch of presents last week after her party. I guess we could have set a few aside for tonight but Erin has gotten very efficient and determined about opening something she knows is for her. She's also very efficient at distributing to and assisting her sisters in opening the gifts that aren't for her, and she often takes charge of those contents too.

Well, a few more days and this cake will be gone too and maybe we can take a cake break for a while. At least for a week, until my friend's baby shower, where that same great cake baker will provide yet another floury, sugary work of art.

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