Wednesday, October 17, 2007

back seat drivers

We have three mini magna-doodle boards in the car for the kids to play with. Yesterday in the car:

Kate: "Mama, will you draw a zebra for me?"
Me: "I can't Kate, I'm driving."
Kate: "Can you draw me a letter Z for zebra?"
Me: "I can't Kate, I'm driving. Ask Erin to help you."

A minute later...
Kate: "Mama, can you draw a doggie for me?"
Me: "Kate, I can't draw things when I'm driving. I have to watch the road."
Kate: "You have to watch the road? Why?"
Me: "Because if I don't I might crash."

Everyone, alternating:
"Oh, no, mama! Don't crash!"
"Don't crash into that green car, mama!"
"Don't crash into that black car, mama!"
"Mama, watch out for the truck for don't crash!"
"Don't crash that tree, mama!"
"Mama's gonna crash into the bushes!"
"Don't crash into the bushes, mama!"
"There's mooooooooore trees, don't crash!"
"We're gonna craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash!"
"There's a red car, mama, watch that red car!"
"Do you see a bus, mama? I see it! Don't crash the bus, mama!"
"Don't craaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaash!"
Singing, first Allison, then all: "Mama will crash into the bushes, mama will crash into the bushes"
"Don't crash into the bushes, mama, that would hurt!"

This morning in the car:
Kate: "Mama, will you draw a zebra for me?"

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