Friday, February 9, 2007

"cruel and unusual" is subjective, ya know

One of Erin's preschool classmates had a birthday party at school today. The instructions on the invitation were to dress up as a favorite superhero. Ok, um, several problems here. One, Erin doesn't know what superheros are so doesn't have a favorite. Two, it's February, where the hell am I gonna find a costume? Three, assuming I can find one, I don't feel like buying a costume for her to wear for an hour or two.

Steadfastly planted in rock-solid reason, I suggested that Erin wear the chicken costume she wore the Halloween before last and call herself "Super Chicken" if anyone asks about it. It sounded great to Erin and encouraged by her enthusiasm, I was at peace when I took her to school this morning, chicken costume in hand.Well today at work I shared this brilliant party rule circumvention with a colleague and she joked that making Erin dress like a chicken sounded like "cruel and unusual punishment".

Oh, c'mon now. She should see the stuff that goes on around here. It's certainly not that unusual.

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