Thursday, February 15, 2007

the bo-bo monkeys

Erin had a dentist appointment early this morning--her third check-up. She lets them accomplish a little more work each time but they still couldn't get a great set of x-rays. Today was her first fluoride treatment and as always she was thrilled with her "new NEW toothbrush! I love that!" at the end of the visit.

Then it was off to get the twins and head to their weekly gymnastics class, which they love. They say humans and chimps have 98% common DNA but in Kate and Allison's case I'm pretty sure the overlap is more like 99.5%. John and I (and sometimes Erin) call them the bo-bo monkeys, which are a pair of trouble-making monkey twins on a cartoon show they sometimes watch. To get the monkeys to stop their mayhem the other characters shout, "Freeze, bo-bos!" Now and again we'll hear Erin shouting the same thing to her sisters, but unfortunately it doesn't work as well as it does on TV.

K&A are the loudest, fastest, most aggressive and enthusiastic kids in the class, and they are natural climbers. And the bananas I buy disappear at an alarming rate. Luckily they are talking and walking upright, so the critical differences are there. I guess you can draw your own conclusion.

One of the funniest parts of class (which I tried but didn't capture well here) is when Coach turns around backwards and asks the children to "walk this way" to go to the next room (next phase of the class). Allison and Kate are always first, right next to him and, intent on following directions, when he starts walking they turn around backwards so they can "walk this way." Most of the other kids then mimic Kate and Allison, and it cracks me up every time (and reminds me of that scene in Young Frankenstein). In the photo, Allison had already turned back around, but Kate is still in backward-walking mode.

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