Saturday, August 18, 2012

braces no more

As we hoped at her check up in July, it was determined that Erin didn't need to wear head gear any longer. But much to her surprise and to mine, the doctor said she didn't need anything else either and everything was to be removed at that visit: expanders on both jaws, and braces too. She'd only had braces for about 6 months, apparently that was enough.

Just in time for our vacation and Erin was excited to know she'll be a fifth grader with no hardware. She had been wearing head gear at school for several months in fourth grade in order to speed up the progress. There are some spaces near the (baby) canines to make room for those adult teeth, and she may end up needing braces again later on when more adult teeth are in, but the work on correcting her upper and lower jaw shape is apparently finished for good.

But at that same visit I scheduled the twins' initial consultations for the following month. "You just don't want to stop coming here, do you?" said the doc.
"Or stop paying you," I added.

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