Tuesday, August 30, 2011


As the last activity with her brownie troop from her old school, Erin bridged to a junior girl scout this weekend. The girls had a small ceremony with a current juniors troop from the local middle school comprised of girls who just graduated from our (old) elementary school.


Then the troop co-leaders handed out some wings emblems that will be placed on their new juniors vests.

Then all the girls took a walk across a large pedestrian bridge and when they reached the other side all the brownies were given their new juniors green vests to wear as they walked back across.

The ceremony was followed by a potluck picnic and social at a nearby park, and sad goodbyes from us to this troop, after three years together. Erin joins a junior troop at her new school, who completed their bridging ceremony earlier in the summer. Kate and Allison begin brownies at the new school as well.

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