Sunday, May 15, 2011

beehive surprise

John's been doing quite a bit of work at our new house. A few weeks ago he was taking out the walls in the master bathroom, and discovered this:

An old, HUGE abandoned beehive in the wall. Sweet. How fun that must have been to live with. I'm convinced that the previous occupants were either both blind and deaf or drunk, or perhaps all three. Not only did they not see or pay attention to the obvious disrepair all around them, but they apparently couldn't hear the insane amount of noise that thousands of bees in their wall would have created.

Last week John mentioned the beehive once again and I asked him why he hadn't removed it yet. I figured it was long gone by then.
"I didn't want to destroy it in case the kids at school want to see it," he answered.

Oh, okay, good thought I guess. I better find a way to write to someone at school and ask them without sounding like a crazy person.

I didn't have our science teacher's email address so I wrote to the twins' teachers and asked them to forward it along, admitting that this was perhaps the strangest email I'd ever written. I got a very quick answer back from the science teacher, "YES! I'd love to have it, we're talking about insects right now. Fantastic!"

So John removed the hive as carefully as he could, but managed to only keep about half of it intact. Still, that was enough to fill a good part of a huge plastic storage container, and I brought it to school. The science teacher was thrilled.

This morning John said, "I have a bunch of badly termite-chewed scrap lumber we removed too. Do you think..."

Um, sure. Load it up, I can bring that in this week.

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MommaWriter said...

Awesome. That's all I have to say.