Monday, June 29, 2009

preschool is finished too. sort of.

The last few posts have been mainly about Erin but I haven't forgotten about our other daughters. Last thursday in fact was ALL about the twins, as their preschool held its graduation ceremony and party and only parents and graduates were invited. The twins talked about their upcoming big celebration and rubbed in the fact that Erin wasn't invited at every available opportunity.

Erin asked me if she had a preschool graduation because she didn't remember one. No, I admitted, it was held on a saturday and we had other plans that day, which was partially true. It was held on a saturday. I was never really happy with Erin preschool(s). I pulled her out of one after 3 months and found another, and ended up being only moderately happy with the second one. When her preschool graduation time came around I decided to simply ditch it. I mean, the whole idea is a bit ridiculous anyway.

But I really do like the twins' school and their teacher and I guess out of greater respect for them than for the concept in general, we participated. This preschool has the additional knack for over-the-top corny things, like the time they brought in, I don't know, someone with some costumes and a pony in order for the kids to take pictures like this:

And yes, I bought some of these prints not because I think they're so especially cute, but they're funny and potentially embarrassing enough to show at some yet to be determined future milestone. Might as well, I don't have much of a shot at winning Mother of the Year anyway.

Before graduation, a few more pictures from school:

These kill me. My first time wearing a cap and gown was high school graduation. Now, apparently, they are standard issue for 4 year-olds:

On the big day the kids assembled inside while the parents waited outside the school. Then the director let us in and "Pomp and Circumstance" began and the procession started with each child entering the school from the back, single file. John and I looked toward each other and snickered a bit at formality of it all. The kids all looked very rehearsed and so...serious.

Next, the kids sang for us:

And then they were awarded their certificates by their teacher:

And the proud graduates moved their tassles to the left and posed:

Afterwards all the kids took an outing together to a local indoor bouncy party place and they had a great afternoon with their friends, and they were so very proud of their accomplishment.

Following all of this, the girls were a bit confused about why they'd be returning to preschool the following monday. "We graduated!" They kept reminding me and indeed graduation day was the very last day at school for a lot of the other kids. The problem arose because the time to sign up for various summer camps was exactly the time John and I were dealing with the results of their kindergarten assessment and what their fall plan school should be, and I was too consumed with all of that to find a more unique pre-kindergarten adventure for them. So they are attending preschool summer session, which I am calling "camp" to make them feel better, for the next several weeks until kindergarten begins.

And that's just about a month away now. Wow.

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