Friday, May 15, 2009

gallery opening

Among countless art projects over the past two years, Erin has done some nice paintings at school. Three of them were done on textured canvas board and getting them framed has been on my to-do list for a long, long time. Finally this week I mentioned to Erin that I was going to get frames for her paintings and hang them up and she seemed surprised.
"I don't want you to hang them up in my room!" she said. I didn't ask her reason since I really like them all and wanted them someplace that we could all view them regularly. I had a big empty wall in the hallway in mind.
"Okay, whatever you say."

I didn't date any of these, but I know this sailboat is the oldest of the three and was done more than a year ago, about mid-way through her kindergarten year:

Next is this one, done just before last year's summer break:

And this is from a few months ago:

And so here is Erin's finished gallery for now:


Queen Bee said...

Wow!! She's quite the little artist! Very impressive indeed. :o)

Noemi said...

Love the new look! And yes, she is quite the artist. Great choice of frames too, so colorful. Where did you get them?

MommaWriter said...

Love them! I have some of Smunch's artwork to frame now too. Who knows when I'll get around to that. Did you have them framed, or just buy frames...and ditto Noemi's question...