Tuesday, April 14, 2009

just the three of us

Thursday, Erin and John and Grandma left for New Mexico to see Erin's cousin Laura, aka college tennis player extraordinaire, play some matches in Albuquerque since that's about the closest to us that she'd be travelling this year. So to the twins' great disappointment, it was just me and them for the weekend.

"We wanna see cousin Laura play too!" they constantly reminded me after the gang left for the airport. I don't know what they were complaining about--who needs interstate travel and sight-seeing around a new city when you have the kind of exciting plans I laid out.

First up, a movie. It was raining on thursday and my plans for a rendezvous at the park with friends had to be changed. I know they would have had a fit if I ditched the park plan without a good alternate, so I decided to take them to the animated "Monsters vs. Aliens".

I think this makes movie number 3, or 4 in a theater for them. Though they are still relative novices, they know what they want to complete their movie-watching experience: one gigantic tub of popcorn. Yes, I know what you are thinking. Is that reeeeeeeaaally necessary? How much popcorn could two 4 year-olds eat? After eating lunch? We discovered the answer when we took them to their first movie--when it comes to popcorn, they are machines. In fact, I think Allison should compete professionally.

The movie was rated PG and they found it a little scary at times, with the battling between the characters and the chasing and suspense and so on. I could tell Kate was scared when she moved to my lap about 10 minutes into it and stayed there for the duration. I could tell that Allison was a little scared when she sunk down into her seat a bit and quit eating, for a few minutes. Regardless, we watched it all and the girls seemed no worse for wear and were raving about the movie afterwards.

Meanwhile, Erin was having a grand time with Laura and Laura's parents, Uncle Randy and Aunt Terri, and Grandma and daddy. The report from John was that when you want to go out to eat in Albuquerque, there is a wide array of restaurants: Mexican, pseudo-Mexican, and quasi-Mexican. Erin, who LOVES tacos and is always asking me to make them and or/take her to a mexican place so we can buy them, requested that they quit eating mexican food.

On saturday morning a long time friend, Julian, came over for a play date for a while.

Then we ran some errands and after finishing those I decided to take the girls up to visit Poppy, since they speak of him frequently and were talking about him just that morning. I bought some flowers and put a vase in place and gave the flowers to the girls. They alternately, carefully placed one flower at a time into the vase and when they were all in they arranged them and sat and talked to Poppy for quite a while, catching him up on many of the things they've been doing lately, and telling him they missed him and loved him.

The next day, Easter sunday, the rest of the family "took a left at Albuquerque" and arrived home again. We waited on the egg hunt until Erin arrived.

Then the girls opened some gifts from Grandma and Grandma Jan, including a book about Peter Cottontail that Erin read to Allison and a pair of sparkly gold/purple shoes for each of them, which they all thought were simply divine.

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