Saturday, December 20, 2008

state of the house, part V: "send in ty pennington"

We need that guy from the Extreme Home Makeover show because those guys know how to finish a home quickly and it's getting down to the wire for us. We are scheduled to move back home on 12/29, we have the movers reserved and we're ready to go home, but our home isn't ready for us. From the outside things are looking good.

Well, the house is looking good. The garage door wasn't repainted because it's getting replaced in about a week. And the landscaping, okay, lack of landscaping, is something we'll address in the coming months I suppose. We really haven't thought that part out, we just want to get moved in.

The problem is the interior. Does this look like a house that will be ready for a family in a week?

That's the living room. The new hardwood floors (not pre-finished) are partially installed, our existing hardwood floors have yet to be sanded to prepare them to be stained and refinished along with the new wood. As you can see, the walls haven't been painted yet. Painting is starting. I stopped by today and the painter was working on the ceilings. This is our master bedroom:

I love the ceilings now that all of the popcorn has been removed! The interior doors have arrived. The contractor installed them but they were only primed so the painters removed them to be painted. Ah well. The new added bathroom hasn't been tiled yet.

Of course, the new bathroom doesn't have to be done in order for us to move in. The painting must be done and the floors have to be installed, sanded, stained, finished, and thoroughly dried and hardened. Is this possible over the next few days, which includes this tiny little holiday this week? I'm not seeing it, John is still optimistic. Stay tuned, I guess.

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mommieN. said...

If all carpenters looked like that, who'd WANT to finish the house!