Wednesday, July 16, 2008

and be sure to bring home the correct monkeys

John and I like to joke about that with the girls and with each other whenever they'll be going to an animalish sort of place. Mom visited last week and we spent most of a day at the zoo and so the same good advice needed to be reiterated. The girls don't think it's so funny to talk about confusing them with (other) monkeys, but we know better.

It was overcast and a little foggy and nicely cool at the zoo, located in that more-typically-foggy-than-not location. It was a nice reprieve from the heat around here and we actually needed sweatshirts for quite a while. I also brought the stroller along which these days doesn't get much use, and just when one of us thinks about getting rid of it another outing where the stroller saves us from having to carry pooped out (or more often, stubbornly putzsy or ever distracted) twins comes around and it proves its worthiness for a while longer.

The girls had a great day, "enthusiastically" posing for their billionth picture, but this time with giraffes:

...getting up close and personal with the wildlife:

and getting an especially cozy view of a busy grizzly bear:

Erin's favorite activity was reading. Everything. Every sign, every little placard, every bit of educational this or that posted everywhere and we could not move on to the next thing until it had all been read and clarified and digested.

Kate or Allison frequently tried to move things along by flipping through the little displays in order to see the pictures quickly, but Erin ultimately dictated the pace.

Kate's favorite part of the day was the petting zoo, of course. She rushed in there and latched herself onto the first goat that had the misfortune of standing still, and she hugged it and hugged it and talked into it's ear like it was a dear, lost friend. And then all the girls joined in on brushing Kate's new buddy. I could have/should have/might have titled this post, "Kate, the Goat Whisperer."

The girls got to sleep on the drive home. I didn't.

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Trish said...

Monkeys. Why did it have to be monkeys?!