Friday, January 18, 2008


So, I think I dress my kids fine enough. I have no desire to have my girls look ridiculous. I would hope no one would but there is evidence to the contrary. I make them change before taking them in public when they've assembled their own way too interesting "ensembles". But, it's a fact that in 25 years they are going to look back at their childhood photos and be way less than thrilled at their hair styles and their clothes because everyone always reacts that way and, who knows, they may even react the same way that I do when I look at these, which is to say, they may nearly spit diet coke all over their monitors, and end up almost choking on it instead. It's just inevitable, isn't it?

The 1970s were universally unkind. I wonder if the oughts will be viewed the same way.


Karen said...

okay where are the pics..I clicked on it and it was the same as the oughts one. I want to see hip and 70s you. I bet there are flowers and strip ensembles!! haha

they call me mama said...

very sorry Karen! Editing mistake. I'm lame!