Saturday, November 17, 2007

princesses got top billing

Every week the kids in Erin's class prepare a "sharing" topic and stand in front of the class to present it. Here's Erin practicing this week's topic: "Something You Are Thankful For"

It might be hard to make everything out with that background noise. She says, "Hello class, my name is Erin. Today I'm going to talk about what I'm thankful for. I'm thankful for princesses, my bed, spanish class, halloween, my family, and my friends Maia, Mary, Mayangelie, and Belinda. Thank you for listening."

Obviously in descending order of importance.
Two turkeys:

A couple of days ago K&A put on hats and backpacks and announced to each other that they were "going to work." Then they took off to opposite corners of the house, waited a few seconds, then returned to the entry way and hugged and greeted each other, "You're home from work! I'm happy to see you!"

Then it was "time to go back to work!" again, followed by the same return greeting. This went on at least 8 times before I finally grabbed my camera.

We're off to florida tomorrow morning so watch for us on this week's inevitable stories of horrendous airport security lines, stranded travelers, and/or people who get thrown off their flight because of their rowdy children. I'll have about a million photos and maybe a story or two to share in a week.

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