Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Allison: "Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaate! Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate! Kaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate!"
Kate (after running down the hall to where Allison is): "What, Allison?"
Allison: "Kate, I was calling you!"

From a little old lady today: "What're your names?"
Allison (pointing): "That's Kate. He...She has a green dress. She's a twin."

Erin (on the way home from school): "Mama?"
Me: "What?"
Erin: "When ARE you going to learn to ride a unicycle?"

Allison (while getting a diaper changed): "Wow, that was a BIG one!"


Karen said...

Dont kids say the "darndest" things? We were in a store and at the top of his lungs my son asked "ARE YOU WEARING A BRA?" I was stunned then my daughter pulled my shirt down and said loudly "YEP!"

Gotta love em!

they call me mama said...

But imagine the looks you'd gather if she had said "No!"