Friday, March 1, 2013

2 outta 3 aint bad

2 out of 3 is how many kids could enjoy some skiing in Oregon this year. Just 2 weeks to the day from Kate's accident we left for Sunriver and the rental house that John's sister always reserves for the 10 of us to have a few days of fun in the snow each year.

The following day a group of us headed to the mountain. I put the kids in ski school for the day and wondered if I'd be picking them up in one piece. I saw them at lunch time in one of the lodges and happily texted John, who had a cold and stayed at the house with Kate, that all 4 legs were intact.

This is a rare still shot of Tim, who usually was flying by so quickly that I couldn't photograph him.
The following day the girls skied with the family.

The girls especially love skiing with their big cousins, or at least catching a glimpse of Tim as he whizzes by.

Erin and I spent almost an entire day on some of the toughest advanced runs on the back side of the mountain. She did a few of these with her ski school and wanted to come back for more., and she did fantastically well.

Kate, meanwhile, had a pretty good trip, considering. I was really nervous about her being outside at all. She was still learning to use crutches and then trying to use them on ice and snow sounded like a horrible idea. Luckily there was not a ton of snow near the house this year so she could do some walking off the snow.  She liked sitting in a patch of snow near the house and using some cups to make snow castles. 

One day while the rest of us skied Uncle Randy took Kate out for a change of scenery to the nearby High Desert Museum.
Kate should be back to skiing next season, after one more surgery.