Thursday, January 22, 2009

a poet and I didn't even know it

We moved into the house 5 days ago and it will be an unknown several more before our office is set up and I have access to the desktop computer and my photo software. So for now my photos sit in my camera.

A couple of weeks ago, when I picked Erin up from her after school care a couple of the teachers were gathered together, marveling at a poem that Erin had written while there that day. She'd never written a poem before, to my knowledge.

"New Year"

Nice and cold nights are here,
Eek! It's cold!
Wow, I can't believe it!
Yay, it's snowing!
Santa's coming!
Air is cool,
Rain is falling.

I thought it was cute, and somewhat of a fluke. But yesterday when I picked Erin up from school she showed me another poem she'd written that day during "exploration time" in her class.

"Winter Days"

Winter days are finally here,
When I wake up the sky will be clear,
Finally it's nice and fresh,
I hope the snowmen will take a rest,
Watching snowflakes float through the sky,
I hope reindeer are walking by.

How cool. As we drove home I reminded her of her great-grandmother Sarah Margaret, Poppy's mom, who was a rather prolific amateur poet. Someone in the family compiled her poems into a book many years ago and usually at every holiday family gathering, and most recenty at Poppy's burial service, someone in the family reads one of her very clever, appropriate poems for the occasion. I told Erin I think the poetry gene landed squarely with her.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

state of the house, part VI: "don't ask"

I haven't posted in about a month because we moved out of our apartment on 12/29 and have been in a hotel ever since. Our desktop computer which contains my photo software is packed up in our garage somewhere, or in the storage unit on our driveway. Anyway, I have no means to upload new photos here of Christmas and such until we get settled into the house, which should occur in the next few days and then I'll have some catch-up to do here, which I'll add to my ever growing to-do list.